skull & bones

or are the buggers deceiving me? Cast yourne own eyes upon this, mine quotes from a truly biblical Scribe—

“Colorstorm. You’re clueless. It won’t do any good to say why though and especially not here.

“Pastor” Randy. You’re even worse.

We really are in a great apostasy in the church world in this country. Oh what a breathtakingly rude awakening is coming to people like you. 🙁 One or both of us serves a false god.” 

—and may your flabbers be ghasted. Mine aren’t. I know what people can do to people, especially when inspired by the adoration Of God, the greatest power of Peace, Love, Hope, Compassion and mercy the universe will ever know*—

(—so that’s what it’s like, to dribble. Yeuch.)

“Mr Argus!”

“Yes, Little Ollivia?”

“Is that the utmost in degrading sarcasm, or have you genuinely been touched by God?”

“Possibly both, Toots. Think about it … I am, like you, like all of us, merely The Lord’s instrument puppet, no?”

—and anyway, all I’m doing is quoting from a genuine “touched”. Go there and vomit for yourself (it’s free~!) (unless you get touched too and sign up … and then there’s no end to the touching up …)




(take a bucket with you if you go. BIG bucket …)


* Bible-person speech. (Am I getting good at it, or wot?)


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