ye utter


gods …Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 10.07.29

Various ‘new-age’ phrases spring readily to mind—

  • morally bankrupt
  • desperately greedy
  • money-grubbing
  • parasitical
  • opportunist
  • wannaba Nazi
  • ‘insect authority’
  • gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme
  • etc etc (ad infinitem)
  • quite mindless, too …


down eyeface

Your quote:

An Arrowtown man who received a $200 freedom camping fine after sleeping in his vehicle in central Queenstown overnight …

After going drinking with friends  … found himself alone and “over the limit” about 4am … Aware he was in no state to drive, he went to sleep in his ute  …

Sourced:  CLICK HERE


instead of spending untold millions on advertising the warmth and charm of New Zealand to people overseas—and then having to suffer their damned intrusive presence when they do come — why not we install a machine that grabs ’em by the ankles, flips ’em over and shakes the money out of them at the airport before firing them back to wherever they stemmed from? A machine that does locals too?

So:  is it really worse when we do it to our own?

(And why might that be? I leave it to you to figure out—don’t ask me, I’m too busy running with an idea that involves visitors, ankles, and money bags.)


Welcome, Friend~!

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