skull & bonesand it’s flip-side anti-fervour.

Quoting Der Spiegel online

SPIEGEL ONLINE columnist Sascha Lobo aptly described Tarrant as a “troll terrorist.” It’s an almost harmless-sounding designation for a type of perpetrator considered by security authorities to be highly dangerous, but against which there does not yet exist a coherent defensive strategy.

—referring to NZ’s latest ‘homegrown terrorist’ … I venture to offer a personal opinion as if it were a fact:

  • teach the young at least the basics of thinking;
  • and give them the Tools Of Thought soonest

—also teach the little cuties how to critically research, for themselves … then there should be no more mass mosque murderers. (Only genuinely insane need apply.)


  • with thinker-doers,
  • not with lunatics & guns.

So it would take a new generation; teach the little suckers how to think for themselves—give them the Tools Of Thought; provide them with libraries and internets and genuinely wise people not afraid of open debate; and then—


get the hell out of their very indignant way (because if capable of rational thinking they WILL be indignant. Very …). 

In my own case, absolutely furious—but mine was/is a cold fury and I feel no great pathetic desire to get out there and slaughter the unarmed and undefended. I leave that to God from whom all blessings flow, blessed be His merciful-compassionate-loving names etc etc; for myself although I could wield a sword I prefer the pen. Sword reaches only so far, pen can reach across thousands of miles and thousands of years.

Can YOU see any contradictions in what I’m trying to say here?

 Contradictions Law.png


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  1. Bugger … I forgot to include absolute freedom of speech in my wish-list of good goodies. (There, for reasons obvious to anyone capable of thinking for himself … no?)


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