is it worth the angst?

I’ll admit it—I’m becoming a wee bit technophobic as the century scorches on by and leaves me choking in a cloud of obsolescent dust and feathers.


I tried creating a new blog using WP’s (lovely?) (Yeuch!) new ‘block’ method. I fell at the first hurdle when I discovered after too much time and effort that no matter what I did my ‘home’ and ‘contact’ details were up there for all the world to pounce on.


because it is effectively anonymous.

But when some anus puts my private details out on the web for every (other) kook to plague I’m tempted to give up. I blew it away and just hope that nobody saw it.


anyone hounding and pounding my privates any more than I want religious/political wide-eyed & staring nutcases knocking me up to sell me God, Gods, gods, godlets or yet another true path to absolute bliss on earth in a Citizen’s Paradise. (I no longer even invite Mormons into my home, no matter how desperate they are for new sheep to skin.)(They were such fun, once …)


yes, because I can say what I think without anuses pounding on my door or worse. If I lose my anonymity then I’m out of here—the last time I checked ‘BLOGSPOT’ was still recruiting, and there’s no end of others.

Being able to say what you think used to be called ‘Free Speech’ and it is a diminishing resource. Lose it and we lose any semblance of freedom — not that there’s much left to lose anyway.



3 thoughts on “BLOGGING

    1. I plan on clearing this one of all its history, but wanted a ‘ready use’ back up in case. If I go off the air a la Ark you’ll know that somewhere along the line I goofed (and I’m a genius at goof).

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  1. I continue to blog anonymously because over the years I’ve grown fond of “Notes”, I have no qualms about telling anyone who asks, my name is Valerie. I agree with you that personal contact information, address and phone number should never be public record – there’s a whole lot of crazy out there!

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