a masochist?

Screen Shot 2019-03-24 at 11.02.08.pngOr an iconoclast?

An iconoclast defeated by modern technology, perhaps:—has humankind’s knowledge and skills advanced beyond the limits of mere divinities?

Is it true what they say about pride and falls?


this wee Oscar thing is peppered by more lightnings than the average householder sees in several incarnations—

—is its durability due to God’s kindness and mercy; or the fact that it’s riddled with intestinal fortitudes in the forms of lightning rods and conductors and earthing systems throughout? Hey … don’t ask me, I’m just a dum dog. A cynical dum dog and I’m asking YOU, Christian, to explain why in the first place this toy needs earthing-rods and stuff in the first place—could it be that an impotent God doesn’t like graven imagery and keeps trying to knock it off its perch but is beaten every time by human technology?

But you have to admit—that’s one lovely shot by the photographer (CLICK HERE) and excellent marksmanship by His Godliness. (Better luck next time, Lord … but hey, you knew this would happen thousands of millions of years ago, didn’t you? And in all that time you did nothing to adjust your aim?)


“Nice one, Dog! We’ll keep you …”


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