are out.

Almost. No more pinnies, no more walking blindfolded through tiled rooms, slipshod and Bristol fashion with a kipper in one sock and sweating through the formulas lest you get one word out of place …


in Invercargill (the southernmost everything in the world)(boom boom~!) was for sale but has recently been purchased—down there

Masonic mosque.png

—by Islam and is destined to become “The southernmost mosque in the world”. To each his own—I tend often to think in symbols, and am happy to think that in this incarnation at least I shan’t see Islam taking over the planet.


—but that day will come, no?

Won’t it be wonderful? Just think, no more wars ‘cos everyone will be on the same page and Islam is THE great religion of peace~


Screen Shot 2019-03-22 at 09.08.54


2 thoughts on “BUGGER~!

  1. All I can say is: We need “Free Speech”~!

    And it’s a desperate need. Hee Hoo controls speech controls the hand that rocks the cradle and every other bugger too. Not good …


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