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—and I stand with grave doubts and a great deal of unease; there are valid arguments both for and against the possession of weapons.

skull & bonesEVEN IF

we could inculcate upcoming generations with actual morals and ethics (instead of the mindless unthinking unrealistic wishful pap they are and will ever be taught)—

—human (read ‘inhuman’) nature will still rise to the top. Sadly we can neither indoctrinate nor inoculate against Human Nature. Or nutcases.


too often the only answer to the guy with the gun is another guy with a gun.

So I have a a foot in both camps.

If we must have legal possession of firearms, let them be mandated as single-shot long-barrelled; let them be rigidly regulated and let this country’s Law Enforcement systems and ‘armed forces’ be the only exceptions.

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3 thoughts on “2 THOUGHTS


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    I don’t collect scalps but I do appreciate interaction …


    1. Ouch … so much for target practice—the ‘bore laser’ guy could make a fortune. For some reason this reminds me of what is now a terribly Politically InCorrect joke that was doing the rounds at the time of the Biafran conflict …

      “The Biafran forces, too impoverished to afford ammo for their guns were told by their witchdoctors to simply point the weapons and call out “BANG! BANG!” and the enemy would drop. Hey … it worked!
      So Rastus took his gun and invaded the enemy single-handed, they fell away before him. All except for one squad of a dozen men who came on menacingly in prerfect step.
      Rastus jumped up, pointed his gun, yelled “Bang bang!” and still they came, resolute, unblinking … and Rastus could hear them chanting something … and then they marched right over him and trampled him into the dirt.
      Dying he looked up and called out to the now receding group “What—?” and the last soldier looked back over his shoulder and called out
      “Tank! Tank! Tankety tankety tank!”

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