and why yes, we should have it. As in—


pc, notfree speech.

Your new quote, make of it what you will—

“Hate speech is not free speech.”

Racism could lead to the events of Christchurch on March 15, he said. “It is absolutely imperative we give nothing to racism.”

Hunt urged people to join community groups, and meet people from a different background of their own.

to read from source (NZ’s ‘Southland Times‘):  CLICK HERE 

My response is that the above is the unsubtle effort of a politician milking recent events for all he can get.

You’ll probably figure for yourself that the terms used are ill-defined: what is ‘hate speech’? Duhhhhh …


‘hate speech’ is when a minority makes a statement with which the current Power disagrees, or sees as threatening to its hold on office.

The theoretical ‘Free Speech’ is when anyone can say anything anywhere at any time. But there is a catch: genuine Free Speech is when anyone else may likewise freely say anything in reply.

In simpler terms:

Free Speech is when ideas are fighting it out using the spoken word as tool, medium, and/or weapon. 

In my own ideal world anyone is free to float any idea, no matter how PC, non-PC, insane, or actually sensible it may be. And anyone else is free to refute it—

—the first to resort to insult or weapons (brute force) loses by default.

Again I offer—


—as a tool for interested parties to invest in … and perhaps even to use~!

Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at 09.41.05

Sure ya can say it … ya wanna try?

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