WTF DEPT: 180319

pc, notOpening with a quote—

“New Zealand judges rarely sentence people who have committed multiple offences to serve their sentences consecutively. Instead, they serve them concurrently – which means the same spell of jail time is served for all the crimes.

“In the United States, offenders usually get consecutive sentences and so much longer time in prison – for example, financial criminal Bernie Madoff is serving a 150-year tariff.

“The longest sentence given to a multiple murderer in modern times was the 30-year non-parole term (meaning the earliest date he can apply for parole) given to William Bell, who killed three people and left another close to death in a gun attack …”

Sourced:   CLICK HERE 

—and I stand with mixed feelings:

  • I hold human life as sacred
  • Islam is on a War of Conquest*
  • Islamics do exactly that to innocents, themselves
  • all over the place (when they feel safe enough)


self-protection clash head-on with my humanism. Ouch.

Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 17.56.47.pngWHAT WE DESPERATELY NEED

in New Zealand is good law and ‘moral fibre’.

By good law I mean law based on Reality; rational law, realistic law; and law that is applicable equally to all. Law wherein there are no ‘special’ exemptions or excuses—law that is indeed blind to colour, ethnic derivation, creed.

As a Humanist I am primarily a Freedom-ist. NOT a ‘god-ist’. Gods exist only in the minds of their victims.

I believe in Freedom, personal liberty; and intercourse based on real values with the free exchange of values.

This could help explain my atheism and total contempt for religions: show me a religion based on my principles?

You can’t. And you’ll be wandering the world for a very long time with your sputtering candle, searching). (NOTE: I judge by what they actually do, not by what they claim.)

Show me, and you may just score a convert.


of any sentencing by judges desperate to appear ‘cool’ … one has to ask:

Given that everything is The Will Of God


—what possible grounds might any religious person have for complaint?


* And has been for hundreds of years—sometimes active and hot, other times quietly by stealth—yet it never stops.

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