Bop 2for the decisions He lovingly made fourteen thousand million years ago are coming back to haunt us. Him. (Here in New Zealand especially—referring yesterdays religious slaughter in New Zealand’s Christchurch—despite the name, God seems to have a vendetta against the place.) (Had the earthquake, had the slaughter, now awaiting the plague of frogs…don’t wait up.)

How many other similar decisions He made back then I have no idea, but sadly there ain’t nuthin’ He can do about it—the omnipotent is utterly powerless to change anything in the Great Work currently unravelli  (oops) revealing itself. Anyway, to do so would be to admit that He made a mistake and I don’t think—as nice as He is, as sweet, kind, loving, merciful and compassionate—He either can or ever will do that.*)


That our very own God is actually an apprentice, and we are just one of his test pieces? That the Godier God who created Him is tut-tutting and will make Him try again? Brrrr~!


a nice piccie of Darwin’s very own God beavering away our our behalf (make of it what you will).

chimp rocks

“Crack, damn you! You’re making me look bad …”



3 gerbils

* Give the wee bugger credit, He’s a decisive sod God.

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