pc, notAnd I dislike Islam a wee bit—but there’s nothing new in that, my ancestors were probably part of some of the forces that stopped the invading Islamic hordes storming into Europe a few generations back.

God (who knows His own) could doubtlessly tell us how many have died in His holy name, for and against one of His franchises or another. Religion (regardless of whatever name you give it) is all about Wealth and Power—nothing else. A religion is simply a tool used to separate the innocent-but-dim from their money.


Religion is when you claim to have something and you sell it to people when actually you ain’t got nothin’ — which means simply that you are reaping a perpetual field of its suckers.


about their own religion (their own brand, the franchise they buy from).


the ideal business.

With real products you can’t sell it until you have it. With a God, you ain’t got it and you sell it sight unseen to folks who can’t carry it away but somehow take it home with them.

Religion is a product you can never run out of—in fact, once up and running your coffers keep filling themselves—and you can make any (r) ANY claim for your god, gods, God, godlings and saints and cherubs and angels and prophets and miraculous holy turnips you wish … nobody can ever (r) EVER call you on them.


yesterday a man was arrested for (I think) disturbing the peace, and we still don’t know a great deal about his motivations. Damn, typical, no-one tells us nothing … but as I said before, God knows His own and the 49 people the noisy guy killed will by now doubtlessly be safe in the arms of Jesu—


—arms of Allah and His angels. May peace be upon Him (Allah) and His House etc etc, and may He one day be feeling beneficent enough to send some of His peace to a noisy world — the world He created, knowing full well back then what a lone kiwi nutcase would be doing yesterday.


You cannot have an omniscient omnipotent without said Being being omni responsible.

And please, don’t nobody try throwing that ‘Free Will’ thing at me. To do so would be to admit that either—

(a)  you have absolutely no idea, or

(b)  you haven’t actually given it any thought, so

(c)  refer (a) above and this time read it.


I would truly love to know what was in that lone-gunman’s mind. Perhaps we could make a deal with him: we give him a weapon of his choice, all the ammo he can eat, and insert him into Afghanistan … and he stays there.

Instead they’ll probably give him a lecture and confiscate one of his guns …


skull & bones.jpg

The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away …




7 thoughts on “I LIKE SHOOTING

  1. I would add to this that believing in a perfect afterlife with God has some disturbing implications, especially when you think about things like mass murder, or even abortion (I’m separating the two here). Of course, I don’t actually believe in a God nor afterlife, so I just see this as a pointless, nasty, terror attack.

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    1. And got in a spot of practise … perhaps like an inexperienced teen in the backseat with a girl he just couldn’t help himself~?


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