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pc, notfor all you blasted Realists and Rationalists and otherwise atheistic/agnostic cynics out there—cry “Raspberry~!” and let loose the dogs of ire.

In other words, learned fellows, try to enforce an open mind. (Open, I said … not empty. Tut~!)


have all the answers?


Neither do the religious, the superstitious, the rational, the credulous, the incredulous, and anyone I may have missed. Nobody does (except me, but I don’t count—nobody listens to a dog …)


were about one Edgar Cayce and the disproportionate effect he has had/is having on modern Egyptian archaeology. You can Google the name and explore the topic for yourself, I’m more tied up with the here and now—and my own ‘here and now’ sadly moves over in the boat to make room for the above quote from Hamlet.


things that I cannot explain rationally—but by the same stroke of the brush I cannot accept ghosties, spooks, spirits, shades, wraiths, phantoms, gods, angels, and things that go ‘plop~!’ in the night for no reason.


being one of them. Precognition being another. Take my word for it (or not, ’tis all the same to me) —I know what I know, and having run it through all the conventional filters am happy to accept that there are indeed “more things” etc etc.


  • do your own research
  • don’t take anyone’s word as absolute
  • always doubt—

—doubt your own senses, distrust your own eyes, and when all else fails just keep on asking. Any reasonable stage magician can help you with your homework.


Ol’ Cayce was a very clever man. A man who if right is denied the acclaim he is due—if wrong has no damned credibility to direct control of the Giza Plateau in modern Egypt.

I understand that Cayce also claimed there was/is a “Hall of Records” from ancient Atlantis under the front starboard paw of The Sphinx.

I understand that some enthusiasts with echo sounders and other scientific stuffs agree that indeed, there is a void of some kind in that location … I also understand that Hawass and his cronies will NOT permit independent excavation there. (You can see why, of course, a tiny exploratory hole dug there might cause the entire Sphinx to collapse … it is, after all, thousands of years old.)

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