into Wikipedia.

Screen Shot 2019-03-01 at 08.41.46Grateful thanks to GP for (as always) leading me into the unknown territories of familiar names:  CLICK HERE 


(awwww, c’mon … who hasn’t?)—and needed to pad out the bones:

Child was a favorite of audiences from the moment of her television debut on public television in 1963, and she was a familiar part of American culture and the subject of numerous references, including numerous parodies in television and radio programs and skits. Her great success on air may have been tied to her refreshingly pragmatic approach to the genre, “I think you have to decide who your audience is. If you don’t pick your audience, you’re lost because you’re not really talking to anybody. My audience is people who like to cook, who want to really learn how to do it.”

—so I burgled Wikipedia ‘cos I was intrigued.

We live and learn (perhaps mostly if not entirely) thanks to folks who quietly get on with making a go of things. Salutations where due—

—and as it’s breakfast time here I’m off to murder an omelette*.

And a bucket of coffee …

screen shot 2019-01-06 at 01.14.21

* Literally. My omelettes are to die from.

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