for service—and why not?

can o' worms.png

So we have to ask a few questions, and fortunately I shan’t be answering any of them. I’m just a wee bit too jaded—but that comes from being some kind of idealist in a pragmatic world.

I vaguely remember posting a question in this blog, sometime back—

“A guy sitting in an office in Nevada flying a drone half a world away etc etc … wot if the poor bugger gets a sprained thumb from all those hours with his joy-stick?”

Shouldn’t he be awarded at least a Purple Heart (possibly even a Silver Star if he gets sore eyes from those screens, or a Victoria Cross for haemorrhoids from endless unthanked hours of patrolling*?

(SFX: insert sympathetic whimper here, please)**

Ooops … the explanatory reference (I almost forgot)—


Screen Shot 2019-02-19 at 13.07.09.png


Doesn’t the whole concept throw up a thought that leads to the ol’ Law of —


a wee bit—?

Anyway, soon there’ll be a new business opportunity selling improved crutches (for guys with badly sprained backs from hobbling about under the weight of all them medals.)


a chestful of medals just ain’t gonna impress the chicks these days***.

But do not fret—

Screen Shot 2019-02-19 at 12.44.47.png

Such a scene may well be a thing of the past.

All you need to be a hero these days is to sit in an air-conditioned trailer somewhere playing with your joy stick. Nary a mosquito nor leech in sight nowhere, and a probable endless tally of bars to your medals …


“Argus! Cool it! Or join me—I got lots of medals … !”

active serviceactive serviceactive serviceactive serviceactive serviceactive service


* “They also serve …”

** (At least try to make it credible!)

*** not when ‘Equality’ allows them to accumulate just as many medals as you anyway.

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