tenorDO WE?

The NZ Herald posts this—

—which again makes me ponder the LOUC (Law Of Unintended Consequences). But that aside, I remember a few years back when the planet was cooling drastically and we were all doomed to igloos if we were lucky.

In the sixties some nice (clever, with it, switched on, educated, devoted, progressive) folks were earnestly advocating that we cover the ice sheets with good old-fashioned cheap and easily dispensable soot.



Yep. Soot.

The logic was unassailable:

  • soot is black
  • black absorbs heat
  • the heat melt the ice,
  • so the ice stops reflecting heat
  • thankfully, the globe warms,
  • and yet another ice-age is averted. Boom boom!

Okaaaay … I think I got it.

Moving on, Burt Munro week in Invercargill was well attended. The bikers these days mostly seem a wee bit geriatric—some of them non-athletic to the point of being gravitationally challenged in extremis but nonetheless good clean fun … quite unlike Snarlin’ Grando’s “Wild One” but that’s the effect of the passing years, I guess.


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