• Your sick
  • your tired
  • Your weary
  • Your huddled masses yearning for relief—

Or much better: skull & bones


“Church don’t work for nothin’, you know!” (Maurice Moulterd in the Brit sitcom ‘Grace and Favour’.)

In the meantime, here’s a hug for anyone who reads this far but is still puzzled:

down there

Screen Shot 2019-01-30 at 17.55.37.png

This is where Christian dollars go. Ya gotta spend (sow) to reap …

To read from source:   CLICK HERE

Bigger than Rio’s Redeemer?

Do I sense a gauntlet being thrown? Could this be the beginning of a Christ Race? (Obviously, with Christians size does matter.)


fashion sense—those yellow pointy hats are just soooooo yesterday! But I’m fascinated more by the wee acupuncture needles sticking out of the stony guy’s thumbs … (God has rheumatism? Naaah …). Couldn’t be connected to a grounding system … God surely wouldn’t be goat enough to smite Himself with a lightning, not even in effigy?

But they are a bit weird, them Gods … ya never know.

In the meantime if you go there for a wee admire, don’t forget to leave a few shekels in the Peter’s Pence jars for the poor.

Or more effective than any food-clothing-shelter-medicines etc—

Pray for the buggers!

Sit ye at Jesus’s massive feet and let your voice rise like a fountain for them (the poor, that is, not the holey feet), night and day.

After buying the modest wee statue that’s about all they’re gonna get …


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