skull & bonesSomewhere, somehow, I fluffed my post and lost it. But worse, in trying to recover my lost post I hit one key several too often and managed to switch myself from my faithful old posting format to the horrible new horrible ‘progressive’ horrible format. Not good … so?

So be careful out there, lest thee be likewise smote by herds of progressives (most often folks trying to impress bosses)(or otherwise keep their jobs …

“Ve haff vays of making you advance, verdammit,—

—effen if you do not vishing to do so in the slightest!”

I really really really wish I’d never goofed—and I’m sure the captain of the Titanic felt the same. (Wishing didn’t do him no good neither …)



One thought on “I GOOFED

  1. Hah! No idea what I did, but got it back. Memo to self: be careful. Be very careful, lest ‘progress’ rise up and bite thee on the butt (actually, bite said butt off and spit it across the yard …)


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