GP of E


I could never stand a braggart …

Screen Shot 2018-12-30 at 13.53.57.png


Screen Shot 2018-12-30 at 16.08.29.png

So, knowing what we know—one has to ask WTF~?


of those blocks falling would be enough to trap an intruder in the King’s Chamber for a very long time or keep others out. (Four is just bragging.)

But I think we can rule out booby traps so we are left to conclude that the blocks have an entirely different purpose.

Let’s wander further:

  • given that the builders could indeed incorporate large empty spaces—why limit King’s Chamber access to (effectively) hands-and-knees crawling?*

Was it perhaps to prevent some interloper from tucking that ‘sarcophagus’ under his arm and sneaking it out?


if the ‘Pyramid Power Plant‘ people are correct, perhaps if The Reaction is going into meltdown those portcullis blocks could be triggered to fall and thus prevent something horrible?

Too many questions, too few answers worth a second snort and only one lifetime …

chimp rocks


Line, blacker.png


* To force humility. (Yeah … sure …)

(Yes, I do know the first image above isn’t the GP of E—I wonder if the folks I borrowed it from also know that?)

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