YOU really, really, really

CAN’T Screen Shot 2018-12-30 at 14.11.40.png

(dammit) be interested in ancient history and not eventually become bogged down in the GP of E.

That particular erection has been my downfall—a thief of Time, the god to whom I keep returning and which is robbing me of my declining years.


experts on the topic. But not me, I don’t remember enough facts—I read for flavour and just run with that. Easier to work into a synthesis than indulge in endless squabbling over misquoted ‘facts’ — and facts change almost on a daily basis anyway—

—e.g. can you guess the reason for merriment in this gem? down there


Screen Shot 2018-12-29 at 22.42.50.png


A well intentioned quote~? (If you can’t guess … you’re new here. You’ll learn.)


The cranks have been into ‘Pyramid Power’ for many years. No wonder they’re excited about someone ‘discovering’ that the GP of E has electromagnetic properties. (One of the early explorers says he was attacked by one of his native bearers on the summit of the GP; he’d produced a bottle of fizzy wine that emitted glows and sparks and things, and the native who tried to take it from him got a helluva shock.) (Don’t ask me why, the very idea that the dam’ pyramid might emit energies reeks of superstition, no?)*


a generation or two back Spouse and I were exploring Auckland’s North Head with Mrs Next Door (a real dolly-bird, boom boom!) when a thundering storm developed. We were near one of the vegetation-shrouded wartime bunkers and someone casually asked “How do you know when lightning’s close by?” and when I turned to Mrs ND saw that all her lovely hair was standing out from her head as if she were a bottle-brush. Marvellous effect, not—I squawked “Take cover~!” and as one we all dived into the concrete emplacement; the flash-crack-BOOM! followed almost simultaneously and left us feeling like stunned mullets.

I can understand why that native bearer/guide/wotever was indignant; and appreciate how charges built up. So: the GP of E as an energy device?

Nuttin’ new about that idea … although when I tried it my wee cardboard pyramid proved totally useless at sharpening razor blades—another claim shattered by empirical research …

Screen Shot 2018-12-30 at 09.05.50.png


I had intended to write about those three ‘sealing plugs’ but got led astray. Maybe next time …

a small, biggerer

* So why the layer of mica under that pyramid in Mexico, huh? Perhaps they didn’t know it was an insulator and merely wanted to add some class … 


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