SIMPLY.  PC, not

The cranks at whose feet I sit with rapt attention often quote much the same unbelievable stuff. But then again, the Establishment does (and always did) likewise. So it all boils down to judgement on the part of the beholder: Who presents the more convincing case, hmm?


by history itself with a whole bunch of enigmatic enigmas. Enigmae. Puzzles … for which there are absolutely no shortage of expert explanations—ranging from the almost possible to the totally absurd; acceptance or rejection often boils down to prestige versus the WTF reflex.


we are told that the trinket in the below photo dates back to the time when the ancient Egyptians had no better stone-working tools than copper chisels, wet string, sand, balls made of very hard rock (diorite) and probably a few bronze saws. (The balls were used to make statues and things, and a damn’ fine job they made of it too)(we are told).


how likely, really, even given the wealth and total power of the Living God that was Pharaoh … is it that a herd of mallet-men wielding their balls and rubbing with sand could come up with (say) … this:down there

Screen Shot 2018-12-28 at 23.26.27.png


It’s quite big, too. I understand that what we are looking at there was rejected by QA but I could be wrong. Without looking it up I do believe it was made from a quite hard stone—but even if it were made of wet clay and allowed to dry it would still be a bit impressive.


copper and/or bronze saws and stuff have a ‘major’ working with hard stone—could YOU create something like it using a diorite ball, fist sized or just a little bigger?

Oh … really? Hold me tight … I damned well couldn’t.

But wait—it gets better. Tomorrow I hope to post some real ‘things to think about’ but right now I need some sleep. I’ll close with an image of the archaeologist’s standard explanation for how that ancients made such things—

chimp rocks

—and leave it to you to decide if you’ll run with their ball. (Or break out—think for yourself.)

Good night~!









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