It looks like once you try the waters you can’t climb back out of the pool. (Pool being the ‘New* Editor’ panel that keeps haunting my attempts at writing a new post.)

Okaaaayyyy … worn down by persistence, I’ll try it: so how the hell do I get a new ‘block’ (as in new paragraph?)

That easy, huh? Just hit the ‘new line’ thingy twice. (Why didn’t I think of that before?) (Duh~)

Aha! So that’s how I pop in an image. This is progress? Oh, wow. Just what I always wanted and so desperately needed … a lovely big black T. Just like that … (I used to do them by hand.)

So if I’m (eeek!) how do I get normal back?

Like that. Start a new block … oh. ‘Color Settings’ (MEMO TO SELF: teach Yanks how to spell colour) … must have a go … 


try for font colour … okaaaaayyy … but does it do individual words? Like this one— oink —?


‘Nuffa this, I gotta go for my walk before The Spouse comes looking for me with something blunt and heavy—she’s good at that and I have the dents to prove it. Feisty wee thing …

BUT I SHALL RETRUN . HMMMM. Seems no way to get out of caps except by serendipity (hah! Dunnit!) but no-one flagged up that my ‘return’ was ‘retrun’ (dictionaryising it drew a blank …)

Even more intriguing the lower case retrun IS flagged up as a goof. How ’bout dat~!?

Couldn’t resist it—if all is well with The Children of Israel we should see a ‘drop cap’ (means big, and black) letter ‘E’ at the start of this paragraph. I think I’ll play with ‘Color Settings’ a bit more; see if I can’t isolate a word to rubric it alone.

Bugger … that didn’t work, neither did cut-n-pasting an isolated red one. Lost its redness, it did …


So: thus far I stick with my original gut-feeling reaction: thanks, WP guys/guyettes for trying … can I go back now to what I know and love?

Here goes …

Wot~!? No key words or categories?

7 thoughts on “EEEEEEK~!

  1. Nope. It looks like once you’ve tried it to test it, you are stuck with it.
    Bugger … I’m a card-carrying Luddite, I hate ‘progress’ … I’ll try a different browser, that might hopefully bring up the old again. I hope …


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