3 gerbils


Unless in the know—

Screen Shot 2018-11-16 at 17.43.33

—you just won’t catch the wee joke in the above advertisement purloined  from:

… which makes it all the more juicier~!


2 thoughts on “PS

  1. I read the link and some of the comments.
    Maybe the fault lies with the education system for not teaching children?
    I shall ask my two a bit later if they think they would have known what the word meant while they wos at skool.

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    1. Without wishing to seem a bit bitter — I’ll bet any of those kids was a jenius at rugby, and could do a wonderful haka whilst being socially adapted to eny eventyooality. Hell, this is the country that led the wurld in votes for wimmin and things:

      without us, NOTHING!

      So hoo kairs about silly wurds, hmmm? I’ll have to lawnch a petishun about less time in class rooms and more playing sports—no trivial matta, i tell u!

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