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—and here’s your quote:


Lack of sunlight

One of the potential reasons for this spike in allergies could be lifestyle-related, due to a lack of vitamin D. We’re spending less time outdoors and this decrease in exposure to sunlight could be behind our body’s inability …

According to The Guardian … have looked into how a lack of exposure to sunlight, and the vitamin D deficiency that comes from it, can make infants three times more likely to have …

sourced:  CLICK HERE

Please at least try to guess my motivations in posting this~?


if you drive past Winton’s primary schools at any time the kids are rampant you may notice one possibly irrelevant detail …

down there

—all the little monsters are wearing wide-brimmed hats and dolled up in anti-cosmic radiation gear—by edict of the educated ladies who know what they’re on about: namely that our friendly little star is actually a monstrous slavering beast who wants nothing more than to scorch children to smithereens. (‘Educated’ in this case means right up in current Social Wisdoms: ie the sun, fresh air, and anything else not approved by the Social Media is to be shunned.) 


for (the few) school teachers who actually take an objective look at Life.

But to moi as a silly old poop with few modern indoctrinations—it is obvious that we weren’t evolved to be swaddled away from our environment.


“Hey, Argie … not MY doing!”

Now look again at that quote, and consider whether the word ‘potential’ was misused  …  wouldn’t ‘possible’ have been more apt?

Is New Zealand journalism now ripe for ‘affirmative action’ on behalf of linguistic reactionaries? Don’t ask me:  I’m still mourning the loss of the Proof Reader.

chimp rocks


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