And if in need of a wee ‘faith-lift’* you can’t go much further than to bring your open mind** to this—

—and that’s one cuddly cop, I tells ya! (Might we think he might be on the baksheesh roll, given the circumstances—or is he religiously doing his job?)


*     If American, ouch. If Brit … thank you.***

**   Open, dammit. Not vacant … sheesh

*** The essence of much Brit humour is/was the good ol’ pun. (The more subtle, the better. Make it so subtle nobody gets it but you … wow~! That’s brilliant!) (No?)


(Oops … that sounded a bit like God …)

“Yes, your Godliness, Sir?”

“Argie … … … do please shut up; there’s a good Dog~!” 


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