Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 18.32.17—but not for the Abrahamics, no?

Funny … I’d never heard of the ‘Young Life’ religious franchise until yesterday. Now I have to revisit a few definitions (quite a few!) so I shall keep this post brief.

In November 2007, Jeff McSwain, the Area Director of Durham and Chapel Hill, along with others, was fired after taking issue with the organization’s “sin talks.” McSwain’s theology emphasizes that “God has a covenant, marriage-like relationship with the world he has created, not a contract relationship that demands obedience prior to acceptance [as in that of Young Life].”[11]Tony Jones describes Young Life’s Statement of “non-negotiables” as telling staffers that “they must not introduce the concept of Jesus and his grace until the students have been sufficiently convinced of their own depravity and been allowed to stew in that depravity”.[12] Eight members of Young Life’s teaching staff based in Durham, North Carolinaresigned their positions after these “non-negotiables” were announced.[13]


And a deeply sympathetic “Thank you!” to Zoe for alerting me to yet another religious scam.

But before I leave—what do we especially notice about religious scams?

Satan-PNG-Transparent-Image copy

      “They’re mine!”                                            “Think again, Horn-head … MINE!”




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