This is YOUR


and I hope you are proud.

Pretty kid—

—obviously full of the spirit of youth … enthusiasm, vitality, love, comradeship, sense of style … and I dare say quite lost to Reason. She looks as if she has sold her soul, no? (Yes.) And as she is YOUR daughter, who can be blamed for that?

selfieOh. Not MY daughter, you say? —she belongs to the family next door; across the street, in the next suburb, next town, next province, state, country … nothing to do with you. But—

in as much as the old (Africa? Pacific Islands? Universal?) saying holds truth: it takes a whole village to raise a child; wherever you live you are a part of a village. Think about it, I’ll hold the line—

—but bear in mind that every minute you waste thinking about it yet more wonderful human potential is lost to Jesus/Allah/Buddha/Shiva and all who prophet by them*.


it is your duty as a Concerned Citizen to save this impressionable youngster from herself. No? (If no, read again and think about that “concerned citizen” bit). From her own innocence, naivety, and from all the bloated parasites that feed off unquizzical irrational inexperienced uneducated incapable enthusiastic virgin minds like hers.

Do I look worried?

(if you can be bothered …)


* If you doubt me, take another look at our opening image …

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