selfie“Is it fair in the current rugby environment for the All Blacks to keep their opposition waiting, where the difference between winning and losing can come down to smallest of margins and where losses can lead to the end of coaching and test playing careers?

Former Irish star Tony Ward quite rightly points out the haka is a psychological weapon, but it also gives the ABs an advantage as they are essentially warming up by doing it…”

—but does anyone ever listen?

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Do I look worried?.png

Do I look worried~? (… pass … … zzzznore gzzzawp …)



2 thoughts on “REMEMBER,

  1. Secret weapon warm up eh? Makes sense. I think you’re on to something. When other teams start doing it they’ll have to have a double secret warm up to keep their edge.


    1. I’ve posted before, that the Brits at least should stand politely smiling whilst the All Blacks dance and prance and hop and poke their tongues out and slobber etc … AFTER WHICH the Brits should launch into a full Morris dance sans bells and funny suits but whacking the sticks together with real meaningful enthusiasm.

      I’m sure the nice All Blacks will stand quietly by, cooling down again whilst the Lions warm up … again …

      Oh. Really? Yeah, sure …

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