boring boring boring …


is arguing ‘religion’ with the saved. They are dead, and as it says in the Bible: “Let the dead bury their dead…” Brilliant!

I posted this comment finger down  (below) on a fellow blogger’s blog recently, and the seeds falling on un-stoney ground thought I’d share my brilliance with all my reader*.

Comme ca—

Same old, same old … if you want Reality in this life, try a new approach—give away the mental masturbation that is arguing with diehard religiosi (of any ilk) and instead go to the roots. Do what they do, but do it with Reality on your side—


(a) get hold of the young, and
(b) inculcate them with one simple tool

that will serve them forever. Read on, for tool.

That tool is simply the Law of Contradiction.
Nothing more, nothing less.

The LOC states simply (I beg rebuttals!)—

IF you find an apparent contradiction,
look to the premises—
—one of them at least is false

Think about it … a loving God and a plague? An all-powerful compassionate God and Satan? A merciful God and napalm? The love of the Omnipotent and the Holy Inquisition?

You can have a field day with the one … get the young thinking.
Give them the tools to think with~!

—but in as much as masturbation doesn’t produce offspring, I guess folks will stick with the shadow rather than the substance. Yes, it is more fun and I guess you can’t contract el gravo diseaso that way … but if you want fruit you have to plant, no?


It means:

(a) for themselves. So

(b) give ’em the tools …

(c) … then get out of their way.

Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 16.36.55

* Both of you …


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