devil-29973__340 copysayeth the American (where else?) televangelist “I needed a fourth jet.”

I’d give you the source of the news article that jangled the cash in my pockets but it’s a print article in a recent NZ newspaper. Don’t fret, just google the headline as it appeared—

“The Lord told me I needed a fourth jet, televangelist insists”

—and you too may find enlightenment. But wait, read now and it gets even better (just be careful what you read about)—


Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 17.21.50.png


—and it gets even better when the nice, honest, sincere, God-fearing man further explai  justifies himself—

“Now people say . . . can’t you go with this one?” he said, pointing to a picture of the plane he uses. “Yes, but I can’t go it one-stop. And if I can do it one stop, I can fly it for a lot cheaper, because I have my own fuel farm. And that’s what’s been a blessing of the Lord.”

—don’t ask me. I have no idea what a ‘fuel farm’ is (but I guarantee they don’t come cheap*).

Bugbear big

“Hey, you! Yeah you, Bub! Yer name Argus?”

Oops …

Brrr. Moving on, perhaps you, too, could ask The Lord for one of these blessings—

Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 17.53.49.png

—and until ya try ya never knows ya luck.

Sufficient unto the day is the televangelising thereof so I’ll leave you with this thought—

click here right copy             Dodo


11 thoughts on “THE LORD TOLD ME,

  1. I heard about him! Went even farther to say, “If Jesus were alive today spreading his word, he would not be riding a donkey.” My argument is, If he even bought one for the Father, Son and Holy Ghost – THAT’S only 3!!!!

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      1. The Pope and his merry men made a mint from the Holy Mom; so perhaps they just need a new angle—JC’s dear ol’ Mum on a donkey? (Naaaa, that’s virgin on the ridiculous. Please forget I offered it …)

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      2. The Pope’s minions get millions from her, I think the aircraft collector guy (everyone has to have a harmless hobby) could be missing a trick by leaving her out. I may just send him a letter and advise him …

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      3. I didn’t think those guys had mothers … I thought they were from a process of Holy misConception. I dare say he’ll do the decent thing and find her gainful employment scrubbing out the WCs between flights~?

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    1. Capitalism at its best, really—find a need, fill it for a fee.
      Like many before him he saw that some folks have a desperate need to spend their millions on magic carpets for their gods, so he’s supplied them. Win/win all round, no? (And what would a religion be without its profits, hey?)

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    1. I think that perhaps you are a wee bit jealous— I certainly am … I wonder what the flight attendants wear? If the wee fridges are loaded with holy water or the best (sacramental of course) wines?

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