So here’s ya snippet—

Another Malien, Lassana Bathily, was given French citizenship in January 2015, shortly after saving lives during a terror attack on a Jewish grocery where he worked, hiding people in the freezer and then alerting police.

—snup from CLICK HERE

—my first thought was he should have hung a pork chop from the door knob. And then I saw that it was owned by another Abrahamic. What is it with damned Abrahamics that they have to run around killing every bugger, even fellow Abrahamics (from different franchises)?


the wee buggers can be modest a bit too, comme ca—

God “helped me,” too, he said. “Thank God I saved him.”

Yay! Credit where it’s really due, non? (‘Malien’ means from Mali.)

Satan-PNG-Transparent-Image copy

“He’s one of mine!”                      “Piss off, Hornface—one of mine! I saw him first!”


Dodo                      devil-29973__340


2 thoughts on “MIGRANTS~!

    1. The most charitable thing I can see for him is a question of angles and leverage v. possible risk … leavened, perhaps, with a touch of panic … certainly at no stage in my life could I have done what Spiderperson did, I’ve never been that fit (or had that confidence).

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