language? Duuuuh … devil-29973__340 copy

I hated ‘English’ lessons at school—always being corrected, put rite by the invercotion of obskewer rules Id’ never haerd off.


I was born too soon.

I should have been born about … … … now.

Today I’d never of bin korrectid or fawced to rerite nothing. So: wai do some old pharts try to regret the parsing of ‘grammatical correctness’? Huh? Go on, answer me that—isn’t languages constantly evolving, theres no hard and fast rule?

This below from my morning news—

When the person realised it was a scam and didn’t go through with the transaction, Facebook friends were then sent disturbing messages and the person themselves received threatening messages.

—witch you can enjoy for yoursells by going here finger down

for link to article: CLICK HERE 

but be warned, it ain’t pretty.

Pretty blooddy tipcal in, fact. (I shuold no, I did many detention).




5 thoughts on “WHERE WOULD WE BE

    1. Sadly, no game. The human finger is poised over the nuclear button, no? Awaiting and dreading the quick reactions necessary to an unambiguous instruction … which, one way or the other, must be passed along in a clear concise langauge … (bugger) …


      1. I’d join the Language Police myself if I thought it would do any good. But then, I also enjoy watching evolution at work …


      2. Boom boom~!

        (Or as Sophia Loren put it more succinctly “Boom boomy boom boomy boomety boom boom!”)


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