Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 10.48.46myself, I stand in awe—absolute total awe with no reservations or time off for good behaviour—of folks who can produce images/objects … things … like these below.

I even allow a wee bit of poetic leeway (all ‘art’ is merely interpretation of Reality, no?) such as:  what does this guy (next image) have in common with so many ancient Egyptian pharaohs?

wot 'appens?.jpg

It might even be a death-wish.

Anyway, I was bumbling through webbie images of the works of Lalique (how the hell can people do stuff like that?) when I happened across it and saw the parallel with ancient Egyptian tomb art.

Lalique’s works leave my gob well and truly smacked—



Screen Shot 2018-04-28 at 12.19.59.pngbut then again, I’m still in awe of yer basic seashell cameos …

… and any (almost!) form of art that doesn’t involved riding a bike over the canvas or artistically ‘capturing the moment’ with a well flicked spattery brush. Yeuch …



—and I loooooove Art Deco anyway.

And Art Nouveau, even though I’m not really sure where the one finishes and the other begins …


“Don’t fret it, Argie … we have each other~!”



2 thoughts on “BEING A

    1. Me too. My own talents expire when I reach the end of tying my shoelace …

      Rodin, I read somewhere, was so miffed when the Academy refused to display one of his sculptures without a label “… cast from life” that he did another one with the same immaculate attention to detail … much larger than life.

      From memory I don’t think the experts were at all amused …

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