I TOO WAS devil-29973__340 copy

open minded, tolerant, and other nice stuff. But not now. No more …


a disease beyond most foul diseases, beyond even the comprehension of most normal people. (Go ahead, give me the clichéd “But what is normal?”) 


is religion. Unhealthy at any time it becomes lethal when intrusive. But the most intrusive, the most two-faced and outright despicably cunning is the growth that calls itself Islam.


sprang from the loins of a murderous insane (but brilliant~!) pedarast some thirteen centuries ago in the Middle East. It is the salivating insatiable ‘wolf in lamb’s clothing’  cliché made flesh.


of getting into theoretical discussions on this topic—I’d rather let its own actions speak for themselves.

I did try though, on several occasions, to read its ‘holy book’ and failed miserably each time.

I even tried downloading and retexting it, removing all the endless repetitions of meaningless phrases designed to stupify — try it yourself, say “God is great! There’s is no God but God and Earthworm is His Holy Name” a hundred thousand times and see if at the end of it you don’t just have fuzzy feelings towards earthworms. Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Uncle Mo … all were clever men who know what they were about and where they wanted to go. Mo was quite open about it, he wanted free access to all the women and (get this, it’s actually important) little girls he could lay. His hands on.

Damn. I know I’ll have to try to read it again. But I also know that unless I can learn Arabic and verse myself in the subtleties of the lingo I’ll be forever an outsider, the subtle meanings and etc etc etcs can only be grasped properly by the native speakers. Bugger.

The only valid weapon the sane have against the insane, the only realistic defence is quite simply The Law of Contradiction—

Contradictions Law

—if anyone can be bothered.

There is an alternative for the lazy or open-hearted …

Screen Shot 2018-03-31 at 09.17.01.png

… just accept on faith what this nice fuzzy teddy bear cheerfully tells you. No terrorists in his mosque, dammit! All is sweetness and light. AND—

Screen Shot 2018-03-31 at 09.17.26.png

—Allah blesses his every enterprise. As for atheists? Kill the buggers out of hand but save their virgins for your troops. (Trust me, it works…)

Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 17.15.05



kismet 1 red


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