Ram left

Why not? God has a sense of humour too, no?


He can’t really (not unless very tongue-in-cheek) deny responsibility. Not for anything in Creation or under the skies; whoever coined the phrase “The buck stops here” had God in mind.

So it could be an insurance job—if Billy Connolley’s movie “The Man Who Sued God” hasn’t pulled the rug out from an unholy collusion.

Or should we actually give God the credit after all?

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 20.18.21.png

But don’t ask me … you’re the theologian here, I’m just a cynical old dog. But I must admit, that sign has a certain jenny say kwa about it …

Satan-PNG-Transparent-Image copy

“Your fault!”    “Is not! Your bloody fault! I saw you on omnivision!”




4 thoughts on “ACT OF

    1. It wouldn’t have the same chutzpah if it had been the other ‘O’ … God knows what He’s doing … I think I could get to like the guy, if this is how He’s heading. (Boom boom, Mel, whaddya reckon to that little ‘act of God’, hmm?)


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