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Please excuse language, I get incensed sometimes. Whilst researching other stuffs I happened across this delight—

Edon was a railway signalman in the town of Middlesbrough, northeastern England. He met with a tragic end  … … At the age of 22, he was stabbed to death by his work colleague, Gary Vinter. Vinter was jailed in 1996 for the murder, but proceeded to kill others including his estranged wife upon his release in 2006 …


Hence the WTF bit.

Loathe as I am to advocate the biblical “eye for an eye, tooth for a fairy” or whatever, I do think that folks killing folks (other than when it is open season) should be locked away in a deep damp dark oubliette until proved innocent.


researching reincarnation. Of all the ‘religious’ offerings it makes the best sense, even though it too falters when you try to find purpose or a ‘god-free’ source (Prime Mover).



fun being Cleopatra once (how come at ‘past life’ parties there’s always oodles of Cleos and Neros and heroes but nary a sludge-pit shoveler?) but I has me doubts about ‘memories’—physically there would have to be a mechanism, no?


—in an earlier life (sorry, couldn’t resist it~) I did a lot of reading/meditating/self-hypnosis etc. Grist to the mill … and some of it carries a ring of brrrrr~!

Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 18.27.56.png

I read Dr Stevenson when he first published (many others since). A convincing case is presented sometimes, wishful in others. (Stevenson can be dry though.)

If so inclined—

line-animated-birds-wire copy


Praise and criticism[edit]

In 1977, the Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease devoted most of one issue to Stevenson’s work in which psychiatrist Harold Liefdescribed Stevenson as “a methodical, careful, even cautious, investigator, whose personality is on the obsessive side…Either he is making a colossal mistake, or he will be known . . . as ‘the Galileo of the 20th century.”[5] Yet mainstream scientists tended to ignore or dismiss Stevenson’s research. Some questioned his objectivity, claimed he was credulous and suggested his investigations were flawed.[5] When philosopher Leonard Angel criticized one of the cases in Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation personally handled by Stevenson,[6]Stevenson published a rebuttal which argued the critique itself was flawed.[7]

Source (Wiki):  CLICK HERE

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wondering what would constitute acceptable proof, what would convince ME?

Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 18.26.09.png


Maybe I should leave myself a note


6 thoughts on “WTF Dept

  1. Some of the case studies are pretty compelling. And most of the science makes it catchy too. I would almost lean into it but just skeptical. What makes you say it would require a deity? I just eliminate that notion and poof!! I’m back!


    1. The ‘Prime Mover’ … you know, that old ‘trace it back to the beginning’ thing.

      Someone had to start it all, we are told; even the Primordial Atom (which bigly banged for us) needed to come from somewhere.
      Without good ol’ God filling the vacuum we run out of options.
      Or not: where did God come from, hmmm? (Oops) And before Him, His own creator. Always it means a Godier God than the one before, stretching back to before Eternity began. Brrrrr …

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