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preaching, or (God forbid) offering no unsolicited advice to nobody … I watched this earlier and thought that not only everyone should see it, but everyone with youngsters in tow or youth to instruct—or Gunnies in the marines, Chiefs in navies, nannies with prams, profs in colleges … anyone in a position of “Hey, Kid! Look, watch, absorb and learn~!”

And with this post (thanks to whoever it was shot them poor innocent little duckies) you can retire all your Good Books, Bibles, manuals, treatises, Inspirationals etc …


who vicariously instructed his sons with Hornblower. I kid you not … I’ve never got far with them myself, but he (the Dad) was a very accomplished guy and his kids are doing pretty damn good too. (I recommend ‘The Richest Man In Babylon’ myself but that’s just me—it works even if you lack talents (oops) but aren’t totally somnambulant).

In the meantime: get ducking~!


“Hey, Argie!”


“Nice one, Dude~!”

For you connoisseurs—

Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at 15.13.37.png

—the rarely photographed southern aspect of a north steaming duck.


BOOM BOOM! (white shadow)

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