and old notions. 3 sages


do, not by what they say bleat. So? There’s yet fortunes to be made (Al Gore did pretty well out of it) from AGW. But I still wonder … hold that thought; here’s today’s quote—

At some point, it turns out, deforestation, drought, and other forest-disturbing factors tipped the scales, making tropical forests a net producer of carbon rather than a sink, according to a new study published today (Sept. 28) in the journal Science. Each year, instead of absorbing carbon, these degraded forests are a source of more carbon (roughly 425 teragrams of carbon per year) than an entire year’s worth of US transportation emissions.

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—use it wisely. As for my thought:

how much would it contribute to the albedo of Mother Earth if everyone responsible for a roof … painted said roof white?

If nothing else at least by so doing he’d be declaring his own personal sincerity and making a political statement, no?

What about white roads, hmmmm? And airports? Ship decks? Hell, in the seventies they were so worried about Global Cooling that they seriously suggested sprinkling soot all over the arctic ice caps. You know, suck in much needed heat rather than bang it back out into space, wasted.


if you claim to be concerned about Global Warming, but your roof isn’t solar reflective … thou speaketh with forked tongue. For shame, Sir or Madam~!

Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 17.40.49


have yourself a nice cow. Look, admire, then do your bit for the planet by getting out there and shooting as many as you can (before being visited by nice inquisitive men)—the damned things produce Greenhouses gases like you wouldn’t believe~! Otherwise the least you can do is drink your coffee black (and stop gobbling all them ice-creams) …

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 09.13.47.png

Need any more advice? I’ll pop ’round soon …


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