OR NOT … arg-scrollurl-turkey-url

you be the judge. It’s easy to take ‘intellectual’ potshots at the deluded. We all do it. Okay, some of us do it … here’s your quote from this wee fellow—

“Again, these are another set of real artifacts recovered in real digs and displayed in real museums. It’s the interpretation of said artifacts that is disputed. Not by anyone who knows anything … … but by Ancient Alien theorists and such. These little gold charms are so low-key you’ll be hard pressed to find anything academic on them. However, you can go see them in several museums around America, including the Smithsonian in DC … To the Ancient Alien people though, these small gold artifacts are hard evidence of ancient Jet fighters.”

Sourced from:  CLICK HERE 

—but I do think he takes a few liberties. (Not with moi—I do NOT go along with ‘ancient aliens’.) (Clever ancients, yes …)

So before going deeper in and possibly hanging myself here’s a snap of The Beast in question—

Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 20.19.46.png

—and as any damned cynic can see it’s an ‘anatomically correct’ model of a moth. Or perhaps a bird. No?


there’s just no way on Dog’s earth it could—even at the wildest wishful—possibly be taken as a ‘model’ of any aircraft. So: bug. Gotta be. Bug~! (Mind you, a butterfluff with two opposing probosces does sound a bit like overkill …)

“Mr Argus, Sir?”

“Yes, Little Virginia, sweet child?”

“Shouldn’t you tone down the sarcasm just a bit?”

“Hah! No-one ever gets this far, kid. I’m safe.”

But I must admit that even the ‘ancient alienists’ are pushing the boat out if they see ‘jet fighters’ here.

Or this one—

Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 20.27.32.png

—which when I first came across it I followed through and found that when some enterprising scientists made a replica it flew (like a ruptured duck). BONK it went, on its butt … glider, not.jpgdumb ancients forgot to include a stabiliser under that ruddery thing* .

So maybe instead of a seagull or jet fighter it might have served as a weather vane, or even as an artistic interpretation of some kind of bird)(but not many birds actually have vertical tails** … )


with no need to panic. Any similarities between these artefacts and modern flying machines is purely coincidental. (And only a genuine A-Grade cynic might mention likewise with moths or birds …)


dodo copy


* Which would have functioned better had it been higher (apparently it was, once, it’s amazing what a few thousand years in the tomb can do).

** Or are built as high-wing monoplanes—Ed.


    1. Last seen winning a huge pile of scales and goop playing strip-poker with a wannabe intelligence that actually hasn’t an earthly …


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