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and let’s get into it~! I hate (think hate-hate-hate) being actively misled. Especially I dislike (ultra intensely) being misled by once trusted news authorities.


So I give you (again) (yes, I know, boring and repetitive)—


(SFX: insert a tah-daaaah here please) (I’m thinking bugle, and make it loud)

Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 14.00.25.png

and this item.

But to set the scene, the headlines seem to be to the effect that we are due to be nuked by biggish waves if we are dum’ enough to go beaching after these headlines. Eeek.

But if you scan the page further …


Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 14.07.51.png


… you’ll get the feeling that the nice man with the energetic manner and seemingly nervous disposition may have something of relevance to offer?


I followed the trail, swallowed the bait, took the hint and hit the link. Then I sat through several minutes of babble with nary a mention nowhere of huge and terrible (or for that matter, any other) waves threatening surfers, paddlers, whelk trappers, paua potters and any naive innocents at the beach (or anywhere else for that matter).


nevertheless they’ll have had a totally undeserved ‘hit’ on their websites. Which means that when they do the sums they are performing a pubic service and earning their fundings. Some might call it a con, but I do mean what I say (and yes, I know how to spell ‘public’) when I use the word ‘undeserved’.


I might just bimble down to the beach tomorrow—the NZ Herald is often better than any forecast, you just think positive to their negatives (aaaah, film photography~!) and if lucky will have the place to myself …

Bop the Idiot





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