that they are morally superior to their predecessors.

Oh, yeah? I challenge those assumptions.


the past speak people don’t listen. They should. But it’s when those voices don’t speak that we should be listening the loudest.


to be superior to history. Not when recently we had the Holy Inquisition and countless atrocities of various ‘civilised’ empires; or today the mercies of Islam (so a few ragheads are stringing cordtex around the necks of infidels and blowing their heads off*, big deal!)(Boys will be boys, no?).


for you—

The pope’s representative seemed untroubled by the massacre when he wrote to his master, Innocent III, that “neither age, nor sex, nor status had been spared.” In fact, a popular account said that Arnald-Amaury, the pope’s legate, was asked at the height of the butchery how the killers should distinguish Catholic from heretic. He was said to have replied.“Kill them all; God will recognize his own.” Although this cannot be verified, it indicates how contemporaries felt about the event.

To read from source:  CLICK HERE

Simple, effective.


it is apparent that it is not morality or ethics that stops Christians, Jews, or Islamics from attacking and looting and raping and murdering their infidels. It is the power of Western law.


writes the laws controls the sword and so the purse … if the religious ever again attain power we will enter a new Dark Age.

Bop the IdiotI am old enough, I can be smug. No descendants … but how about you?


that tens of hundreds of thousands of bloody fanatics are running about using as reference the very same books, codes, and excuses as the murderous thugs that performed God’s will in the Middle Ages?

You are? Hold me tight …



* Actually an inventive linking of modern technology to a messy process demanded by God’s Holy Book (one of His many holy books …)

2 thoughts on “FOLKS TODAY

  1. Ah … knew it had to do with the Cathars. Wrong French city. I was sure something similar happened during the siege of Carcasonne? Getting befuddled in my dotage Must do the Google thing.
    Carcasonne is a beautiful city, by the way.Spent the day there once upon a time. My BIL (who is a long haul truck driver) occasionally passes by the place and we do the vicarious tourist thing via Google. Loads of fun.


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