meek and mild

tells you that ya

gotta whack ya child


… or you ain’t going to Heaven, Baby~!

Or not. Religion confuses me, especially the two great Abrahamic religions of Peace, Love, Compassion and mercy.

But that’s just me—as a dum’ old dog I’m easily confused … which is why I look for contradictions all the time.

In the meanwhile—

A woman’s devotion to scripture took a literal turn when she used a leather strap inscribed with the “spare the rod, spoil the child” proverb to discipline two children.

Okay. Now we’re cooking with gas. In this country you’re not allowed to beat up your kids. The Law says ‘Tut~!’

But if the Good Book says otherwise … which is The Ass?

When police examined the leather strap, they found writing on it.  One one side it said “The Rod” along with Proverbs 13.24, which is commonly referred to as “spare the rod, spoil the child”. 

Sourced NZ media ‘STUFF’:  CLICK HERE 

There we are then; case dismiss—counter-sue for victimisation, trial by media, police brutality etc. She should get hefty recompense (and the church a huge donation from police funds) (for victimisation and ‘police brutality’, no?)

But I’m not sure I understand this bit—

On the other side of the strap it said “Heavy duty sh..”

—could she charged with offensive language instead? What of the boys—won’t they grow up to become sadistic little monsters, Hitlers, drunken drug addicts and rapists?

Or will Jesus forgive everybody and make His feelings known to the law makers, the mother, the boys, the readers, and the makers of straps? Or has He already done so and they’re doing it?


“Sadist!”   “MY will being done, Horny! Stay the hell outa my space!”




Devil 2 BOP


8 thoughts on “O TEMPORA, O

  1. I liked this only to thank you for publishing it. This is abuse pure and simple and she got off way to easy. The children will carry the emotional trauma of this for their lives, and at some point it will become such a burden they may well break under it. I know. I was abused. I still have the nightmares , and I still have emotional responses and I am a safe secure 54 year old with loving support. Reading what she did and those boys endured has left me shaking and very upset.

    On another note I just found a bunch of science and history channels on YouTube. Yup expanding on my learning a bit. Everything fascinates me as I never had much schooling in my youth. I wonder if you have seen this documentary on the Great Pyramid. Would love your ideas and thoughts on it. Hugs


      1. Thanks, Scottie. That one I haven’t yet seen (there’s oodles). I’ve seen lots of them but rarely comment—the comments devolve rapidly into space aliens and/or ancient lasers and nukes; I don’t have time for that.

        But I do keep asking—how the hell did those savage primitives thousands of years ago do all that stuff?
        And when you even begin to explore that question the world becomes a much darker place. Brrr.

        My all-time hero is a crank called Graham Hancock. He has interesting stuff.
        Currently I’m still ploughing through ‘Exploration Fawcett’ —although I’ve found one reference I was after (the softening of stone) I haven’t yet reached the other (cold lights on poles that don’t need fuel). Book is dated now but well worth the effort, you can google “Percy Harrison Fawcett” and that will get you into the ballpark if interested.

        be warned, the deeper you get into this ‘crank’ field the more addictive it becomes. (As they used to put on maps in the days of old: “beyond here be monsters” …)

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      2. This one wasn’t crank as far as I could tell. I thad real egyptologist and they pretty much proved the theory as far as I could tell. I also just watched two guys show how the Easter Island statues got moved. The had a crew and did it, again all legit. No aliens or conspiracies involved. Hugs


      3. Have just watched it. Thanks for that link—certainly the ‘internal ramp’ theory is thus far the best of them all. I’ve been aware of it for a while but this is the best (and most appealing) explanation.

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      4. I just heard of it.. I realize they were talking about things a decade ago it seems now. However I was stunned to see the reasons they used to back up their theory. I found a few science site. I love the history ones. I am learning more about evolution. Hugs


    1. I use the term ‘crank’ very much tongue-in-cheek, Scottie (almost sarcastically, in fact). Some of these guys are genuine cranks, yes—but others state what mainstream doesn’t dare.

      Be careful with ‘facts’. In one vid recently the guy mentioned the GP of Giza as being the biggest etc etc in the world. But not. One at Cholula is a wee bit bigger …
      ok, heaps bigger …

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