questions require hard-and-fast answers. (Other than mathematics there ain’t no H & F answers—all else is opinion.)

Don’t fret, your current opinion is ‘in’. For now. Last year’s facts, sadly, are often ‘out’ (facts from a generation ago? Fuggedaboudem).

Just make the most of any windows of opportunity; you know, the old gather ye rosebuds whilst ye may—

“Mr Argus, Sir?”

“Yes, Pest? I mean, yes, Little Virginia?”

“Sir … does this mean that ‘facts’ per se are merely fashion?”

“Indeed, Child. Well said!”


What provoked me this time?

“… Archaeologists may have uncovered the oldest known prehistoric school, where it seems young hominins were taught how to make flint tools, butcher animals, and master other skills necessary to survive in the Stone Age about 400,000 years ago … scientists are wondering  whether it means Homo sapiens itself evolved much earlier than is currently thought.
The notion … is based on analysis of hundreds of flint stones and fragments found in Qesem Cave, in central Israel, a spot that hominins called home from 400,000 to 200,000 years ago.
The discovery may attest that our ancestors developed complex cultural patterns … much earlier than believed … adds to mounting evidence from around the world that has already pushed back the clock on the evolution of modern humans by at least 100,000 years, and challenged the idea that Homo sapiens developed in Africa …”

read more: CLICK HERE 

Actually, I don’t really care. Some advice—

finger-pointing-down-animation-gif copy

Screen Shot 2017-11-26 at 16.57.10.png

(With apologies to the author—I made a wee tweak to bring his outdated stuff into line with current thinking)


I’m still getting my muzzle around the thought that someone could live in a cave for two hundred thousand years, let alone four hundred thousand—

wassup, Doc?

Bugger! Er … anyone got a shoehorn?

—it couldn’t have been easy.


8 thoughts on “HARD LUCK—

  1. Hello Argus. Read the article. It is not really controversial that humans may have learned to do this or adjusted to the other things at a more distant time than we thought. Time ranges for group things and skills are always in a range of may have from here to might have there. However I don’t see how you get from there to humans not coming out of Africa? The genes say we did. They can trace them back. SO that is hard to argue against. Anyway I did not see that in the article you linked to. Have a great day. Hugs


    1. Damn. I thought I’d posted on that—the ol’ once-was-a-brain is possibly confusing private correspondence with blog.

      The latest latest is that we emanated originally from China … not Africa. Dammit … all them books having to be rewrit. Rewrote. Rehashed, to come into line with ‘current’ thinking.

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      1. Like I said in my last comment the changing and rewriting is not a major sticking point. the majority want the idea to be correct and they fight to prove it wrong so what stands is correct.
        I do not have a science background but I try to watch what I can and read what I can understand. I have not yet heard a big push for changing from Africa, but it might be. The thing that bothers me is I read that the Genome project settled we came from the African continent and I have read that we all have African DNA. The current DNA tests on national Geographic and such do not say check to see where in China your ancestors migrated from, or track your ancestor back to China. They all still Claim Africa. So maybe there were more group than we thought before and one died out, like the whole more than one kind of hominid thing. I would love to read some thing I could understand about the DNA tracking instead to China but I guess I will have to wait till they dumb it down enough for me. Hugs

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    1. A bit beyond my attention span, I’m afraid. But interesting …

      I’ve long lost the source but I read somewhere that every human being alive today carries Neanderthal genetic stuffs. That’s especially interesting, if true (how did them Neanderthals get to South America, and Polynesia; and when? … brrrr …).

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      1. I read that some of us have it, I did not realize all. There are traits you can check on your body to see if you do. Herebespiders posted a bunch on it. I guess the people bred and spread. It works that way. Hugs


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