First, your (not boring) quote—


Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 09.25.05.png


—to read at source:  CLICKETH HERE 

and ponder (if you will) all possible connotations of the word “Wow~!” And now ponder the Truth uttered by one ‘Scientific Christian’. Yep, I said truth (ya wanna make something of it?).

Ol’ SC says it right there, out loud in B & W for all the world to ignore (so I’ll say it again, it’s too good to gloss over with robotic glass eyes) :



—and nobody has ever put it better than that. Not even me, and I’ve said it often enough too.

Sadly people don’t believe what they think — ‘cos most don’t think. They don’t know how so they just accept the words of their chosen experts. Not good.


for everybody (and this includes YOU, Bub!)


How can you get people to think?


As the Weasel (Buck) says in that Ice Age movie “C’mon Mammals, think!” …

Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 09.44.03.png

—and it ain’t easy.

Again I offer as a starting point* the Law of Contradiction. (If it’s a bit much after your years of indoctrination, at least offer it to your kids—they’ll see at a glance what to do with it …)


* Pretty bloody reliable starting point.


One thought on “TIME TO GET

  1. Hello Argus. If that grand video can not raise questions in a believers mind then I doubt much could. I can see moving forward in conversation with someone If they do have questions or doubts. However someone like SC has to be lying or simply unable to reason to not even entertain the the questions asked in the video. If someone can not see the truth of the what the video asks, they simply can not or will not see any reasoning or faults about their own religion. Hugs

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