pc and is every bit—though few will agree with, or even recognise my point—as bad as what it purportedly opposes:

Nazi Grandma,’ 88, Convicted of Holocaust Denial in Germany


Why would a humanist like moi cast aspersions upon the brain dead morality-deprived wannabe dogooders ani* of Germany?


of insulting such few readers as I have—


—and if you can’t see any contradictions between ‘Free Speech’ and shutting people up for speaking …

Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 10.54.25.png

Weeelll, I have this wonderful bridge for sale—only slightly used, in Sydney Harbour. Free for removal, in fact … just stick a few bucks in my Swiss accounts and it’s all yours.

“Mr Argus, Sir?”

“Yes, Little Virginia?”

“Was that sarcasm, Sir?”

“Not this time Cutie. That was bitterness. But don’t fret—just study form, then off you go and vote.”

“… for Freedom, Truth, Justice and Free Speech, Sir?”

“You got it, Kid …”



finger-pointing-down-animation-gif copy

* It’s the plural of ‘anus’. (For you Americans it translates as ‘assholes’…)


8 thoughts on “THIS STINKS

  1. I have been in quite a few discussions recently on free speech and hate speech. I would have thought it self evident that what is one person’s hate speech is another’s normal speech. IF you ban one subject on hate speech grounds you might find your cause also declared hate speech by another group. Also speech is words, air voiced in a manner to form words which forms ideas. It is not violence. There are reasonable bans on speech such as no inciting to violence. Hugs


    1. Sadly people respond to external programming, it spares the effort (and risk!) of thinking for themselves.
      People should be taught values—objective values, and rational thinking skills.

      But if they did that, no-one would ever vote for anybody … so they are instead told to not think; and if they do try to think to do so only along guided lines (guided by the iron fist within the velvet glove).


      1. My own sister (a spiritualist, she talks with dead guys) disagrees with me too. In fact she gets quite grumpy about it and challenges me to either do better myself or come up with an acceptable alternative.

        I could do better but no-one would ever vote for me—or for my alternatives which simply wouldn’t be acceptable to the mass of men—and if (r) if they were ever accepted they’d be perverted back to status quo or worse within a generation anyway.

        One simplistic ‘better alternative’ would be to have every citizen empowered and voting as he/she desires on every/any issue. So all that the professional politician ever does is publicly discuss issues and get them before the voters, pros and cons. But for it to work it would need a populace capable of independent and analytical thinking. That ain’t gonna happen.

        It’s been quite sometime since I looked at their systems but the Swiss had a good approach—they democratically elected their dictators too but retained the right to overthrow any decision made. The Swiss seem to get by okay …

        But I say again that in the present systems we (we? Oh well…) elect our good healthy medicine from a strict choice of strychnine, arsenic, and cyanide.


  2. Well I disagree with you again. However as you live in a different country I am not going to worry to much about your not caring enough to vote. I will just say that the last election we had here was not close for the popular vote. Hillary carried that by 3 million votes. However the system we have is with electoral college. That vote count was very tight. It is conceivable she would have won in a recount it was so close. That is a case where people who did not care enough to vote, thought their vote did not count or threw their vote away by making a protest vote gave us tRumpsky. Their votes counted, but because of how they did it it counted as a vote for tRumpsky. Now everyone can see in our election it made a difference, a huge difference in how things are being run and the changes being made. If those people who threw their vote away complain that the things they value are being ruined they should have thought of that before they screwed everyone with a protest vote. Hugs


      1. Hello Argus. Yes our system has problems or flaws as you say. I think most things do. Yes our system can be improved greatly by simply getting the big money out of it. I am supporting a group that runs candidates who promise not to take corporate money. It was proven by Bernie that if you have a message people want then you don’t need big money, small donations will give you the funds you need.

        But the fact that our system has flaws doesn’t mean you shouldn’t vote, which is what you are arguing for. The comment I made stands as proof of the need to vote. This is just a diversion, a side issue. Hugs

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      2. Fair enough. But I’m old enough to have faith in human nature, and human nature is to sell out their mothers to feed their egos* … which is why I’d never vote for anyone standing for office.

        *As well as their wallets. Wealth and power, boom boom!

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