of ‘knowledge’ ever further back—

“UNIVERSITY OF WARWICK —Ancient hunter-gatherers began to systemically affect the evolution of crops up to thirty thousand years ago – around ten millennia before experts previously thought – according to new research by the University of Warwick.”

for source: click here 

—do it often enough, with enough enthusiasm … and who knows, mainstream may yet overtake crank.

dodoOr hopefully:

at least catch up. A bit …


all is not yet lost. The facts may be wrong, surmisations and suppositions may be relegated to the bin of academia—as Snoopy says in that cartoon:


“One snowflake doth not a winter make”


3 gerbils

“Mr Argus, Sir?”

“Yes, Little Ollivia?”

“If the existing facts are proven incorrect—”

“Yes, Child?”

“—does that mean the books will have to be rewritten—”


“—and all those academic degrees given back?”

“… … … now you see why academia digs its heels in and entrenches, Kiddo~! Don’t fret it, God’s in her Heaven and all is well with world. Just pass the broom, please—”


“Argus—it says here that Creation took me three days …”


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