No need to sneak into North Korea looking for guy with the funny haircut who never stops manically (maniacally?) grinning. Just go into ‘science’ and look for a fact.

Any fact in fact, but a fact with a lifespan longer than ten years one human generation.


there ain’t no facts.

“The only constant,” sayeth The Sage wisely, “is change.”

And sages really know their onions (strangely enough he hasn’t been around for ages, I rather miss the cynical old sod …)


hands up, mammals (and other descended simians) who know how many planets there are in our our solar system. Trick question?

Using some of the rudiments of fire control from anyone’s navy days don’t forget to allow deflection—aim ahead of your moving target (and good luck~!)—

Brown, who played a key role in demoting Pluto from planetary status to a more lowly dwarf planet, said the discovery of a ninth planet might be good news for those who are still upset about Pluto being kicked out of the planetary club. “All those people who are mad that Pluto is no longer a planet can be thrilled to know that there is a real planet out there still to be found. Now we can go and find this planet and make the solar system have nine planets once again.”

Sourced from: CLICK HERE (or not, there’s no compulsion)

Now get out thy calculator, ephemeris, horoscope, Hamlet, and Noddy books—seek thee the answer to our question, and may the myriad gods illuminate your path with the numberless stars. Boom boom!





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