are the basic rules of thought. Or perhaps,


—and if you have a beef with them, pray to God/s for guidance*


IDENTITY: Whatever is — is.

CONTRADICTION: Nothing can both be and not-be.

EXCLUDED MIDDLE: Everything must either be, or not-be.

CONTRADICTION 2: Contradictions do not exist — if you have an apparent contradiction, check your premises because at least one of them is wrong.

No. Not my own original thinking. Better minds than mine came up with that lot in the waaaaay distant past—I’m just passing it along now because it’s of timely relevance.

CLUE: are you a voter?

Here’s what happened, a pic of someone (anyone) having an election:

Almost got it ...

—and please don’t make me spell it out. You ain’t that dum. And if you did vote, by now you’ll realise that whichever way you voted you got what you deserve; so you can’t complain, no? icon_lol


as wee Princess Merida says in the ‘Brave’ animated movie—

“I await your declarations of war in the morning”







* Because you need help. (Trust me, you need more help than I can give.)


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