The so-called issue—

A gourmet coffee shop in the UK has caused uproar with parents by banning all children under the age 12.

Furious families have blasted “pompous” bosses at Fifteen on the Corner in Lichfield, Staffordshire, after they were turned away from the premises with their youngsters in toe.


—is it over private property rights and business sense; or the fact that New Zealand’s biggest newspaper has no proofreaders no more? (Then again, niether does noone.)


I like the idea!

In fact, I love it! Modern kids are too often the product of modern parenting (hence all the Snowflakes) and I see no reason why, if the above mentioned is intent on creating a vacuum, some ‘kid friendly’ entrepreneur can’t carpe the diem and make a fortune filling a perceived need at a profit. Win/win, no?

This, dammit, is the meaning of Free Enterprise. Get over it …

SF ex Dly M

And if they had cafes here that don’t allow children (but still served an even halfway decent latté) they’d get my custom. And I imbibe a lot of coffee …

McDonalds deserve themselves, a kid-fiendly place. Take your cherubs there and it’s win/win/win for everyone, no?


The City Fathers of Invercargill (many of ’em Mothers, but that’s aside) have decided in their wisdom to ‘open up’ the Invercargill library into a children’s playground … I kid you not. (I like the coffee shop idea though).



but while I think of it—

Stat 14, CT

For JZ and Ark: I knew I’d find it~!


9 thoughts on “SO WHY ALL THE

    1. Well said, Scottie. The post-scripty bit was for JZ with regard to something I’d mentioned somewhere else.

      My grief is with people who have no idea how commerce works and would like to impose their very un-free market systems on us—you know, prices set by public decree (government, ie at gunpoint) rather than a merchant set his own asking price.

      Price, conditions … it all comes down to force and control. Think wedge, thin end of.

      Think of social indoctrination rather than free thinking—think of a generation back when folks like Oscar Wilde did time for being ‘queer’.

      Quite simply if someone doesn’t like a merchant setting the conditions for entry into his shop — stay out~!
      Go somewhere else, it’s that simple—not go running to Mummy with tearful eyes and big whimpers, tantrums, and “I’ll set my brothers onto you!”.

      As I said, given a choice I stay well clear of ‘family friendly’ but all I can do when my option is “Take it or leave it” and I want the product is to accept the conditions.
      As I said, the local Public Library is to become a kiddies playground with books. I don’t think it’s a good idea, and shall withdraw my custom effective from after I’ve tried it out. (Who knows, screaming kids running rampant and unrestrained might just liven the place up a bit … and we New Zealanders are nothing if not world-beaters at being progressive) (just ask any kiwi).

      The other point was about the death of grammatical correkness. Enny thing goes now, just look at the ‘toe’ in that ‘NZ Herald’ quote … might a proofreader have thought it might have meant ‘tow’?
      Does it make any sense as it was published? Is the reporter using trigger words to slant the reader … “pompous bosses” … ?

      Does it matter a damn?
      I guess not—but the English language was once a precision tool, used by rational thinking people to more clearly express themselves and convey meaning. (Sure, I take liberties but at least I know I’m doing it …)

      Sadly these Snowflakes are gaining a foothold; thank heavens I lived when I did. I pity the up and coming generations though …

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  1. I am glad the article featured comments form both sides.

    I can’t help it … I too am a bit of a snob (rather a snob than a slob) and to be honest if kids were running around like bloody hooligans – as seems to be the case based on some of the comments then one can imagine why the owner decided enough was enough.
    His decision is as much an indictment of the parents who let their Little Shits misbehave as it is about the kids.
    Whatever happened to respect for the shop and its owner and the other patrons?

    My (not yet) wife and I were on a bus coming back from town on her first visit to the UK (to Meet The Parents) and there were a couple of brats running up and down and generally making a nuisance of themselves. When the bus stopped and the kids leapt off, the conductor mumbled. ”Bloody animals!”
    I venture most passengers felt the same.
    Up jumps a woman and goes ballistic at the poor bloke:
    ”You calling my kids bloody animals?” she screeched and went off on a tirade.
    We never forgot it.
    The wife confided later that she was shocked as she thought all English people were much like me! Well-behaved (mostly), well-spoken etc etc.
    Ah, so naive!

    Took guts for that cafe owner to do what he did. And you can bet he thought long and hard beforehand as well.

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    1. Sadly the meek shall not inherit the Earth—the nice folks with the unabashed kiddies will.
      And once their ‘freely self-expressant’ kids inherit the Earth, what will they do with it? I imagine that for a start there will be no more ‘private property’ Brrr …


      1. Freedom to me is “Live, and let live”, tempered only by the need not to trespass against them and definitely vice versa.
        But I reserve—very much, and non negotiable—the right to self defense.(Nemo me impune lacessit and all that macho stuff …)

        Here, have another ‘like’ 🙂

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      1. If a person is willing to take the consequence for doing something and is determined to do it, it is almost impossible to stop them. But for most, the consequence will prevent some and prevention techniques will also stop many more. Hugs.

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