I restate an observation—

(oops, before I do, here’s your wee quote for today)

The Dakota Access Pipeline was an underground crude oil pipeline system that affected 4 states: Iowa, Illinois, North Dakota, and South Dakota.  It was planned to be fully operational by the end of 2016. This extravagant project boasts environmental friendliness and a huge boost to the US economically. All this can be found on the Energy Transfer Crude Oil Company’s webpage.  There’s just one small problem. People live on top of the property that will be seized as part of this monstrous project. You can either give up your land willingly and be compensated, or be taken to court. Native Sioux tribes are experiencing colonization all over again; People are exploiting their homes for personal profit, they are being violently forced out of what has been home to them for hundreds of years, their basic human rights to shelter and water are essentially denied. This time, however, people with huge influence on society and intelligent outspoken voices are coming forward. Shailene Woodley stood up for the minority and was arrested during a protest. I am moved that at just 24 years old she is using her presence as a celebrity to not only fight for environmental and social justice, but to stand for morality. To see who else is with her, read here: Shailene Woodley Speaks Out

excerpted from: CLICK HERE 

—and the observation, which applies here in Godzone as much as in the Land Of The Free, is in fact a Universal that needs neither explanation nor proof:





A simple statement, self evident, and completely unassailable.

Does it rankle? I certainly hope so … not that there’s much that you, little voting person, could ever do about it. (It would be like objecting to The Law of Gravity …)


the beat goes on, the beat goes onnnnnn ….




  1. Argus my friend, you missed the real C.T. part of the story. I am surprised. One of the things the company and the local government and all the others have been using against the native Indians is that the pipeline is super totally safe. No chance of leaks which will ruin the water supply , which is what the natives are afraid of. However one thing that came out is that the pipeline track was moved from farther up the river next to a large WHITE area because the community complained about potential leaks ruining their water supply. So the company moved the pipeline from the white community to the Indian land. The Indians have a lot less pull and power in the local government and no one locally cared that they were now facing the same risk that was considered too great for the white community. Hugs



  2. Thanks for the info, Scottie. Much appreciated. But it’s not the issue of what is happening that’s important to me—it’s the principle.

    The average Joe is told that in The Land Of The Free (it’s a universal—we get the same pap here too) he has property rights. You know, he can own stuff.

    To own stuff means it is yours, and yours alone, to do with as you wish (so long as no-one else’s rights are threatened—think laws—by what you do). Property is that which the owner alone has the Right to dispose of, which means that he can buy and sell it, freely, no?

    Then along comes a man with a gun who says “Hey, poor naive twit … I’m taking what you thought YOU owned and ‘cos I’m bigger than you, ain’t nothin’ you can do about it! Boom boom!”

    So—given such a scenario, who really ‘owns’ the property?
    (Clue: the guy with the biggest gun …)

    Hence my oft repeated “You only that which you can hold by force against all comers” and if the guy wanting it has a bigger gun than you, hard luck.

    “Lived there for hundreds, thousands even, of years, have you? But your bow isn’t as big as my jet bombers … … move out, Bud~!”



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