… but there’s no end of people cashing in on it.

Folks, I give you (SFX: drum roll here please, make it GOOD~!)—  


Boom boom!




I’m not ready yet … so I’ll just have to add it to my list of World Endings. There’s oodles … and sooner or later they must be right (like expecting your Lotto numbers to come up—they will, eventually. Give ’em long enough)(the gamble is whether it will be in your lifetime).

“Mr Argus, Sir?”

“Yes, Little Virginia?”

“Sir … you know how last Sunday everyone was upset about the Vicar’s sermon? How he kept raving on about the world ending very soon?”

“Yes, Child?”

“I don’t think there’s any need to worry, Sir … I passed by his house on the way here, he was outside planting apple trees.”




Dammit, that’s tomorrow, for us Kiwis!

So we’re going to end tomorrow. Okay, I can live with that.

I imagine you rest-of-the-world folks will be a bit behind (after all, we were the first into the 21st Century~!) and the poor ol’ Poms (that’s them Brits) will be the ones to close the door on all our behalfs (behalves?).


thing is that if they’re right the poor apocalyptic evangelicals will never get a chance to brag about it. (Not unless ol’ God sets aside a wee ‘Speakers Corner’ part of Heaven for them.)


dodo  dodo                                             buitre162


7 thoughts on “IT NEVER COMES,

  1. Hey Argus. IF you were given the choice in a rapture type thing….. would you go or would you stay. Heaven or earth? Or is a rapture of all religious folks heaven on earth? Hugs


    1. With such a choice anyone would have to be a masochistic mental maniac of the worst possible kind to elect to stay on Earth … if it were genuine.

      I’ve always said (and I say it again right here right now) that I’d be the very loudest praises singer and the most vociferous convert proselytiser etc etc, the very loudest and the most ardently sincere … if (r) IF someone strolled barefoot across the lake (or drifted down from the sky in a cloud of golden light—a few singing cherubs on the side would add a nice touch too) and started healing lepers and raising the dead all over the place.
      A man would be a fool not to.

      And a Rapture of all the religious folks would be a Heaven on Earth, no?*

      * After they’d all gone, not before.

      So far though, no takers.

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      1. I am of a different mind of you. I wont genuflect to the god of the Bible nor sing his praise and would gladly take my chances on a world with out backward thinking funny Christians. Hugs


    2. A genuine appearance of God and/or his wee son would rewrite my universe, Scottie. It would be a fact and I’m not going to deny a fact.

      But somehow I doubt it would ever (r) ever happen.
      In the meantime I’ll just keep drifting along sadly watching the religious of all denominations getting along together in the peace of God(s).

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      1. Argus my friend you made an assumption Me thinks. I never said it wouldn’t prove god to exist if a genuine appearance was made. Heck I could concede something supernatural if a third of the population took off skyward. What I said was I wouldn’t go to heaven with them if given the choice. No way. I would rather take live on earth, life in hell, or no life at all. I can take nothing easy over praising a sick bastard I think has no redeeming values at all. Hey hope you are having a great weekend. Hugs

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      2. I like the Muslim version of Heaven better anyway—all the booze you can guzzle and all the sex you can bonk for all eternity—sure beats prancing around singing praises to a guy whom the love of Himself tortured to death.

        Yes, I would become an instant convert given genuine proof. It would take a bit more than anything I’ve been offered so far, though—but that’s me, always happy to utilise my God-given rationality …

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